Friday, 18 November 2011

A sneak-peak at our bidding process...

You have done the hard part and put a list of all of the excess, obsolete, slow-moving & EOL stock together. But how do you know that the bids you are receiving are competitive and reflect the current market values?
Trading Specialists works closely with suppliers and puts a lot of time into ensuring that our bids are (and always will be) competitive.

1) The first step is to find out if line bids or an offer for the whole lot is preferred.
- A lot bid allows us to spread our risk over multiple lines and therefore offer a higher amount. It also leaves your warehouse clear of the material which has no value.
- Line bids are perfect for slow-moving or newer inventory. A line bid can help you identify which lines you can afford to sell and in what quantities.

2) We assess the parts on our internal database which is shared with our offices worldwide. This allows us to see our customer demand,quotes,sales and purchase history.

3) The next step, is to see the availability, lead times and prices from distributors and manufacturers. We have over 1000 supplier stock lists available to us and teams dedicated to ensuring the information is accurate.

4) Based on many different strands of information we calculate risk and offer accordingly.

5) The more information and feedback available, the more accurate and individual our bids become.

As one of the largest buyers of excess inventory in Europe, and with an ever-growing supplier base, we must be doing something right. Send your list or any questions to or tell us what you think in the comment section below.

If you are looking for the maximum return from your excess and don't mind sharing the risk over longer periods of time, check out our flexible consignment option.

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