Thursday, 2 July 2015

US Airforce have over $16million worth of excess parts!

If even the US Air Force can over order components, then anybody can! There’s several million dollars worth of excess parts used on the C-130 Hurricane at bases across the United States. An annual audit brought to light the sheer number of parts, valued at an estimated $16 million – phew, that’s a lot of excess parts!

Without making some significant changes to their inventory management, the Defence Logistics Agency will continue to obtain inventory that exceeds their orders. According to the Department of Defence Inspector General, ‘the parts will be hard to get rid of because funds will have to be spent to manage and store the excess inventory, which in turn will drive up costs to customers.’

While you may not have quite as many excess parts as the American Air Force, it shows how easy it is to over order, over estimate or just simply not require the parts ordered anymore. But what to do with these parts? You could leave them in the warehouse on the off chance they might come in handy one day, but realistically you know they will sit there for years, gathering dust and taking up valuable space. How about making some money from your excess instead?

Selling your stock to an inventory specialist is a win-win situation for you and your company. The parts are removed, giving you back storage space and you get a cash injection into the business. And it couldn’t be easier to do. Send in your stock list, get an appraisal, sign the paperwork and it’s done – and if you choose Trading Specialists you’ll get a choice of 3 payment options:

Immediate Payment
• We assess your stock for immediate purchase
• Once purchase is agreed your stock is quickly removed
• You get immediate cash, complete removal of goods and no ongoing liability

Full Consignment
• We sell your stock to maximise market value
• Your surplus stock is marketed to over 16,000 OEMs, CEMs and Distributors worldwide
• Your stock is relocated to our ISO approved warehouse

Part Payment & Consignment
• We buy your stock for immediate cash and a percentage of future sales
• Your surplus stock is removed and marketed worldwide
• You maximise return by getting immediate cash and ongoing revenue

What are you waiting for? Send your stocklist to today!

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