Friday, 2 July 2010

Trading Specialists 5 Step Excess Electronic Component Disposal Plan

For a number of reasons excess, obsolete and EOL material is a fact of life for OEM and CEM companies, whether it is design changes or just cancelled orders unwanted stock can build up.

Well now with the Trading Specialists 5 Step Excess Electronic Component Disposal Plan this material doesn't have to affect the health of your company. Here is how it works:

1. Call and discuss your requirements, this can include help in identifying the relevant material or picking the material ready for shipping

2. Agree the best route to market for your material that suits you.

3. Arrange the transfer of the material to our UK warehouse.

4. Commence marketing and selling your material.

5. Bank your cheque.

It sounds simple and it is, Trading Specialists have experience and resources to handle any magnitude of material as well as the financial strength of the Cyclops Group to back it all up.

Our core business is Inventory Management and Trading Specialists already handle EOL material for multi-national OEM's as well as tier 1 & 2 CEM's, they have recognised the benefits of concentrating on their core business and allowing the specialists - Trading Specialists do what they do best.

Do you have EOL material?

Why not give me a call ++44 (0) 1904 436444 or email and discuss your requirements, I can promise Trading Specialists will "go that extra mile" in providing the service you are looking for.

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