Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Somethings Never Change!

I had to smile the other day, whilst flicking through a magazine I came across an advert from one of those high end Hi-Fi companies advertising their latest valve audio amplifier. Yes, that's right it had been built using valves.

As I said it made me smile but it also made me feel my age, after all my first job in the electronics industry was selling electronic components that included valves. I think it just shows that sooner or later everything comes full circle, as my sales career progressed there came a time when you couldn't give them away (valves) let alone sell them and that seems to hold sway for components in general. 40+ years down the road and still in the electronics industry but nowadays I actually welcome obsolete electronic components and excess and EOL, that's my job now, buying and or managing this unwanted material created by the manufacturers. I work with a good team at Trading Specialists and I get a great kick out of sending companies big cheques for their unwanted component material.

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